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Working With Special Individuals

At Allison American Karate Academy we work with individuals who have been diagnosed with special conditions, such as ADD, ADHD and Autism! These students show increased awareness, concentration and attentiveness in school and at home over the duration of their training. These individuals have shown great improvement and some have even been removed or removed themselves from medication. Even some of our Instructors are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD.

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Allison American Karate Academy!

At Allison American Karate Academy we stress Self-Defense, Meditation, Mental Alertness, Physical Fitness and Overall Good Citizenship! American Karate Master Michael C. Allison, in addition to an outstanding staff of AAKA's Karate Expert and Karate Master Instructors, teach an unique and well versed form of "Mixed Martial Arts" that consists of a variety of stances, movements, blocks, strikes and more. We begin teaching students at age 3 and go up from there, showing them how to defend and improve themselves.

Why We Study American Karate

Today, we live in a world of constant danger. Every day, innocent, law-abiding, good-will people are being attacked, robbed, molested, rapped, and even murdered. We live in constant fear for our lives and well-being. Each man, woman, and even child needs some form of self-protection. Don't be the victim of a harsh or brutal attack. You owe it to your friends, family, and companions, and you owe it to yourself to
"Be Able to Protect."